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Agency Polls

Last Updated: May 03, 2016 10:07AM PDT
Nextdoor Polls for Public Agencies allows Nextdoor agencies to quickly ask their residents questions and quantify the results. From straw polls to voting on community issues, gathering input from residents has never been easier. 
Polls work similarly to other posts. They may be shared with one neighborhood, multiple neighborhoods, a service area, multiple service areas or the entire city.  All responses to the poll are completely anonymous. Anyone who receives the poll may cast a single vote until the poll is closed, at which point the results are displayed for everyone who received the poll in their newsfeed.
Creating a poll
To create a poll:
  • Click the Create post button in your left-hand navigation menu.
  • Select the Poll option.
  • For sub-areas, select the areas you want included.
  • For neighborhoods, use the map interface to click on individual neighborhoods, or click DRAW SELECTION to select neighborhoods in a given area. Use the search box to find specific neighborhoods, or select neighborhoods in a list below the map. Click EXPAND to make the map full-screen.
  • Add a question to your poll. (NOTE: This will appear as the subject line in the newsfeed, and will be preceded by the word "Poll.")
  • Enter up to 10 responses for the poll.
  • Click POST.
NOTE: At this time there is no way to edit a poll. If you must make important changes, you will need to delete the poll by clicking on the drop-down arrow below the poll and selecting Delete, and then create a new one.

Viewing Results
It is possible to view current poll results. Simply click View results to see the up-to-date results of the poll voting. 

Closing a poll
If you are the creator of the poll, you can close the poll at any time. To close a poll, select Close poll and confirm your choice. This will prevent any additional neighbors from voting on the poll, and the results of the poll will be displayed. 

NOTE: Once a poll is closed, it cannot be reopened.

Downloading Results
You can easily access the results of your poll using the drop-down menu that appears under your poll. Polls results are provided as a .csv file. To access neighborhood results, click "Download Neighborhood Emails". To access results for your service areas, click "Email Area results". For service areas, a .csv file will be emailed to the email address associated with your Nextdoor account. 

For tips on creating successful polls, click here.

For examples of polls Nextdoor agency partners have used, click here.  
Last Updated: May 03, 2016 10:07AM PDT
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